The Grappas

Grappa 21 Years - Aged in Barriques

Made with

pomace of Nebbiolo grapes used to make Barolo and Barbaresco and Moscato d’Asti grapes.


very intense in colour. Rich aromas of cinnamon and Tabasco on the nose that range from passito to the typical scents of the Mediterranean, from raisins to sun-dried fruit. A bouquet of honey, peony, morello cherries and chamomile.

Alcohol content

45% by vol.


the “Lazarito Bocchino” pot still method. This grappa is distilled at an alcohol proof of 75%, after removing “heads and tails” (first batch and final residues), using copper columns with mushroom-shaped plates.


in 225-litre Allier, Troncais and Limousin oak for a period of at least twenty-one years, during which the alcohol content is progressively lowered to 45% by vol.

A year before bottling, the spirit is poured off from the barriques into a large oak cask to allow the grappas to blend slowly. Cantina Privata is only bottled in the best years in a blend of 65% grappa made with Nebbiolo for Barolo and Barbaresco and 35% Moscato d’Asti grappa.


CL 70

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