The Grappas

Grappa di Barbaresco - Barbaresco Cask Finish

Made with

pomace of Nebbiolo grapes used to make Barbaresco in the most prestigious crus in the Barbaresco area, on the Langhe hills.


the colour is intense with amber and golden highlights. An intense, potent grappa, to the nose it offers rich fruity and spicy aromas. On the palate it lingers vibrantly, its warm flavour dominated by cherries and vanilla with a hint of chocolate. The overall sensation is one of an exquisite grappa of unequalled elegance..

Alcohol content

42% by vol.


the “Carlo Bocchino” pot still. This grappa is the fruit of the work of nature, time and traditional craft skills.


this new Barbaresco Grappa is enhanced by a cask finish, a final period of maturation in barriques used to age Barbaresco wine.


CL 70

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