The Grappas

Grappa Ortiz Aged in Barriques

Made from

selected pomace from Piedmont


The Carlo Bocchino traditional pot still method. The distillate is obtained after having eliminated heads and tails during the distillation process, using copper columns with mushroom plates.


The grappas that go into Ortiz are aged separately in our cellars for a period of not less than 12 months in 225 liter Allier, Troncais and Limousin barriques. After aging, they are assembled, an operation realized through a careful selection of each single barrique, since each contributes its aromatic note to the overall taste. Finally, in a delicate and patient process, the grappas are transferred to a cask, creating a blend of aromas from the different crus.


CL 70 

Sensorial profile

Deep color, with amber and golden highlights. To the nose it offers a complex aroma, with notes of candied fruit, honey and vanilla. Its smooth taste gives this grappa perfect harmony.

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